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Insulation Upgrades & Removals


At Fransor, we offer a full range of insulation services, including both upgrades and removal. Our team of experts has the knowledge and expertise to assess your insulation needs and recommend the best solutions for your situation. Whether you're looking to upgrade your home's insulation for improved energy efficiency or you need to remove old insulation to make way for new upgrades, Fransor has you covered.



Attic Insulation Upgrade

Blown fiberglass loose fill insulation will help keep the heat inside. It can extend the lifespan of your heating and cooling equipment as well as save you money on energy costs. We service residential, commercial, and agricultural projects. We are a proud member of the Home Performance Contractor Network which may help you save money with available federal or provincial rebates.

Drill and Fill 

Installation of cellulose insulation to upgrade your existing walls for thermal and acoustic performance.

This application is used in both residential and commercial settings where there is existing drywall.

Crawl space Insulation

Professionally installed Rigid or Polyurethane spray foam applied to the walls and joist ends of your crawlspace will create a warmer and drier environment.

It will reduce the likelihood of moisture which can lead to mold and mildew growth and will save you money on energy costs by keeping the floor above the crawlspace warmer.



Attic Insulation 

Remove the existing old or damaged insulation to allow renovation or remediation work to be completed. Insulation is vacuumed into large bags and removed from site for disposal

leaving a clean area for you to work in.

Parkade Insulation

Remove damaged sprayed on insulation from parkade ceilings and reinstall new Monoglass insulation. 

Get up to $1,200 for new insulation in attics, exterior walls and more!

Upgrading insulation will help you save at least 10% of your home's energy cost and improve your home's comfort all year. When planning an insulation upgrade, you'll need to understand R-value, which is the measure of insulation's ability to slow the transfer of heat. Rebate amounts are calculated by the amount of R-value you're adding to your home.

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